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Concrete Polymer Overlay

Concrete Polymer Overlays (CPO) can be apply overtop pitted, cracked or aged concrete to give your porch, walkway or foundation a fresh new look. Some preparation maybe needed prior to installing this application but once installed by Community-Home Renovations Limited our decretive designs and colours are endless.

We only utilize the best of the best of materials when applying our Concrete Polymer Overlays. Ours surpass any stamped concrete application in terms of durability, strength and longevity; as our polymer matrix enables them to have well-over 7000psi compressive strength. This means that our Concrete Polymer Overlays have twice the strength of any stamped concrete and in reality is stronger and more durable than the concrete underneath.

Our Concrete Polymer Overlays can be applied to porches, steps, walkways, swimming pool decks, garage, basement floors, overtop concrete driveways and also over brick. We can resurface just about any solid substrate with our products which allows our customers another alternative to enhance their homes. Allow us to assess and give you a free in-home estimate without any obligation. We at Community-Home Renovations Limited take great pride in our work which translates into having many happy and returning customers.

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